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          Reliable Humic Acid Supplier

          More than 20 years of intensive R&D experience in Humic Acid and advanced own facility, has enabled
          we being one of global humic acid market leaders..

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          AGROSOL F30

          Pro.Name:AGROSOL F30


          Packing:1L      20L     200L

          specification:HA :10% N 6  P 18  K 6 + B


          1.Made from high quality humic acid, soluble NPK and Boron

          2.Soil reconditioning and plant growth stimulant

          3.Provide sufficient nutrient to plant

          4.Provide high content of Phosphorous and boron benefit for flowering, pollination and fruit setting



          1. 20-25 L/HA within flowering and fruit setting  period                    

          2. 8-15ml/L of water



          1. Promote development of organ reproductive for better pollination and fruit setting

          2. Improve the soil structure for better aeration and water holding capacity

          3. Increase biomass production to stimulate plant growth

          4. Increase the multiplication of beneficial micro organism

          5. Promote root development for healthy plant

          6. Increase the fertilizer efficiency, reduce nutrient leaching.

          7. Increase yield and improve quality

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