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          Reliable Humic Acid Supplier

          More than 20 years of intensive R&D experience in Humic Acid and advanced own facility, has enabled
          we being one of global humic acid market leaders..

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          Fulvic acid

          Pro.Name:Fulvic acid

          Appearance:Brown yellow powder

          Packing:25kg craft paper bag

          specification:Humic Acid+Fulvic Acid:75-85%, K2O:10%min


          It is a kind of short carbon chain materials extracted from the natural humic acid with high load capacity and physiological activity.



          1.Spray:dilute 100-300g into 50-100kg water/1000m2,apply 3-5times together with trace elements in grow period.

          2.Drip irrigation: 500-1000g/1000m2,apply 3-5times together with other water-soluble chemical fertilizer in grow period.

          3.Seed Soaking,Dip root:Formulate into 1/1000 solution used for seed soaking and dip root.



          1.Improves soil structure

          2.Chelates macro and micro nutritions

          3.Anti-waterlog and anti-diseases

          4.Stimulates plant micro bioactivity

          5.Improves chemical fertilizer and pesticide utilization

          6.Enhances nutrition absorption,promotes germination and growth

          7.Accelerates precipitation and decomposition

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