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          Reliable Humic Acid Supplier

          More than 20 years of intensive R&D experience in Humic Acid and advanced own facility, has enabled
          we being one of global humic acid market leaders..

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          Humic acid

          Pro.Name:Humic Acid


          Packing:25kg craft paper bag

          specification:Humic Acid:50%-70%,Moisture:15%-20%


          Humic Acid is extracted from natural high active insoluble leonardite as organic polymer materials with carboxyl,hydroxyl,phenolic hydroxyl and other function groups with black brown appearance.



          Crops Application
          Turf Grass 25-30kg/100m2
          Cereal,Beans Maize 350kg-500kg/Hectare apply with NPK Fertilizer
          Citrus, apple, and other fruits 1-2kg/plant at 3 months interval
          Tuber,Potato,Sweet Potato,Chili,Tomato 10-20kg/m2 as base and 1st application fertilizer
          Field Vegetables 10-20kg/m2 as base and 1st application fertilizer
          Green House (tomato, cucumbers) 10-20kg/m2 as base and 1st application fertilizer



          1.Regulate soil PH

          2.Improve soil structure

          3.Improve water holding capacity and fertilizer utilization

          4.Stimulate plants growth

          5.Boost roots development

          6.Enhance plants resistance against bad climate

          7.Increase yield and improve quality

          8.Help soil detoxification

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