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          Reliable Humic Acid Supplier

          More than 20 years of intensive R&D experience in Humic Acid and advanced own facility, has enabled
          we being one of global humic acid market leaders..

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          Humic acid granular

          Pro.Name:Fumapearl (Humic Acid Agranular)


          Packing:20kg or 25kg craft paper bag or plastic woven bag

          specification:Humic Acid:50%-70%,FA (dry basis):3%min;

          Size: 2-4mm;Moisture:25%max


          Fumapearl is a pure organic conditioner in granular form made from active and high quality leonardite which contains humic acid and fulvic acid.

          Crops Recommended Application
          Turf Grass 25-30 kg /100m2
          Cereal,Beans Maize 350 kg -500 kg /ha  apply with NPK Fertilizer
          Citrus, apple, and other fruits 1-2kg per plant at 3 months interval
          Tuber Potato, Sweet Potato,Chili, Tomato 10-20kg/m2 as based and 1st application of fertilizer 10-20 KG /m2 as baser
          Field Vegetables The same as above
          Green House (tomato, cucumbers) 10-20kg/m2 as based and 1st application of fertilizer


          1.Stimulate fertilizer uptake by plant


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